Inside Beonpush – Is it Safe to Invest on Beonpush?

Beonpush is a real time bidding company offering people to join affiliate marketing program. Joining in Beonpush is Free but you have to buy a pack if you want to move into affiliate income. The CEO of the company is Ferki Demirovski. This could be the end of Traditional PPC marketing after introducing Beonpush.

Beonpush Compensation Plan:

Beonpush Compensation plan ranging at $20 – $10,000. There are eight investment packs with 150% Return of Investment (ROI). Invest packs are:

  • $20 investment pack = 1x daily ROI multiplier
  • $50 investment pack = 1.05x daily ROI multiplier
  • $100 investment pack = 1.1x daily ROI multiplier
  • $200 investment pack = 1.15x daily ROI multiplier
  • $500 investment pack = 1.2x daily ROI multiplier
  • $1000 investment pack = 1.3x daily ROI multiplier
  • $5000 investment pack = 1.4x daily ROI multiplier
  • $10,000 investment pack = 1.5x daily ROI multiplier

Beonpush Referral Income:

  • personally recruited affiliates (level 1) pays 13% and
  • affiliates recruited by level 1 affiliates (level 2) pays 2%


Beonpush Reviews:

Is it Safe to invest on Beonpush? The answer is YES, its is very much safe and 1000’s of Successful people are showing their achievement throughout the internet. If you have any doubt go and serache Youtube, Google, Yahoo anything you like. You can easily find people who are becoming giant in the Beonpush industry. Why not you? Come and Join Beonpush Today and make your own success history. Here is joining link.





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